Move ForwardW
Move LeftA
Move BackwardS
Move RightD
Move slightly fasterShift
Voice (local)V
Voice (broadcast)B
Inventory swapQ
Drop itemG
Place item*F
Use itemRight Mouse
*Also start smudge stick, must have lighter.


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    Questions (see more)
  • "Where are you?"
  • "Are you close?"
  • "Can you show yourself?"
  • "Give us a sign."
  • "Let us know you are here."
  • "Show yourself."
  • "Can you talk?"
  • "Speak to us."
  • "Are you here?"
  • "Are you with us?"
  • "Anybody with us?"
  • "Is anyone here?"
  • "Anybody in the room?"
  • "Anybody here?"
  • "Is there a spirit here?"
  • "Is there a Ghost here?"
  • "What is your location?"

  • "What do you want?"
  • "Why are you here?"
  • "Do you want to hurt us?"
  • "Are you angry?"
  • "Do you want us here?"
  • "Shall we leave?"
  • "Should we leave?"
  • "Do you want us to leave?"
  • "What should we do?"
  • "Can we help?"
  • "Is anything wrong?"
  • "Are you friendly?"

  • "Are you a girl?"
  • "Are you a boy?"
  • "Are you male?"
  • "Are you female?"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "What are you?"
  • "Who is this?"
  • "Who are we talking to?"
  • "Who am I talking to?"
  • "Hello?"
  • "What is your name?"
  • "Can you give me your name?"
  • "What is your gender?"
  • "What gender?"
  • "Are you male or female?"
  • "Are you a man?"
  • "Are you a woman?
  • The photos taken are kept in your steam folder.
    You can get there through the Steam app Library,
    right click on Phasmophobia > Manage > Browse Local Files

    Talk (V) :: Options > PC Settings > Local Push to Talk > Off

    Reticle :: Options > PC Settings > Cursor Brightness > 5.0


    On an investigation you will have around 5 minutes before the Ghost will anger and drop your sanity faster. Use this time to setup equipment and find the Ghost.

    Step 1: Setup a video camera inside the Ghosts room. Then head back to the Truck and watch the CCTV Monitor for a Ghost Orb. If you spot one write it on the last page of your Journal.

    Step 2: Grab the Ghost Writing Book and place it inside the ghosts room. If the Ghost writes on the pages then write it on the last page of your Journal.

    Step 3: Grab the Spirit Box in the Truck. Enter the Ghosts room with the lights out and ask the Ghost questions with your voice. Try "Where are you?" or "How old are you?". If the Spirit Box responds back with a voice then write it in the last page of your Journal.

    Step 4: By this point the room should now be cold. If the Ghost is a freezing temperature Ghost the room will drop to freezing. If you can see your breathe in this room then write it in the last page of your Journal.

    Step 5: Grab the UV Torch from the Truck. Scan all doors, windows and light switches around the Ghost using this light for fingerprints. If you spot a fingerprints then write it down on the last page of your Journal.

    Step 6: Grab the EMF Reader from the Truck. Scan objects around the Ghost that it is interacting with. If the EMF Reader lights up red/ Level 5 then write it on the last page of your Journal.

    Repeat step 1 to 6 until you have three pieces of evidence.

    Final Step: You should now have all 3 pieces of evidence. On the last page of your Journal select the Ghost Type that you have discovered then head back to the Truck and close the door to leave.

    Sometimes the ghost is very aggressive and it might be better to guess than to risk everyone dieing.

    Some additional tasks will not be possible to complete for one reason or another, example the ghost refuses to produce dirty water, or you don't have the equipment to perform the task. This is OK, just do what you can, then leave.


  • Nightmare Patch | v0.4.1.2 Fri, 12 Nov 2021 10:31:07
  • Nightmare Balance Patch | v0.4.1.1 Thu, 04 Nov 2021 17:29:04
  • Nightmare Balance Hotfix | v0.4.1.0 Tue, 02 Nov 2021 22:13:37
  • Nightmare Balance Patch | v0.4.1.0 Tue, 02 Nov 2021 20:54:37
  • Nightmare Update | Hotfix #1 Mon, 25 Oct 2021 23:24:30
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  • Update | Hotfix Thu, 30 Sep 2021 17:47:06
  • Anniversary Update | Patch Wed, 29 Sep 2021 17:41:51
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